How To SAVE & BUDGET Money in 2017!

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This is how I have been, saving, managing, and budgeting my money recently! Hope this helped you out or if you have any tips, leave them below!

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Naomi Rodriguez says:

Do you support Donald Trump? Because i've seen your retweets and likes on twitter and it's kinda sad because you are hispanic? And as a hispanic person I can say i could never support anyone who makes such negative remarks about hispanic people. Also women's rights!??!

Madison Grace says:

I needed to see this! I defiantly will be using the online budget!!

Yuan Q. says:

yes i need to learn to save and budget more wisely so I'm able to pay for school books and later on pay off loans

Lucieb's worlds says:

i tried to find spread sheet but you have to buy it ?

Megan McCue says:

I really needed this video LOL

BasicallyBri says:

This video came up at the right time! Good tips and good video!

Abigail Houston says:

This was so helpful!! I'm trying to start saving money and this was just so helpful!!!

michelle says:

Honestly so helpful!!

GlanzGuru says:

This is so helpful, Hannah!

Mariya Jene (Lightofmylife) says:

Wow I literally JUST planned my first monthly budget today!! I used the app called " every dollar " Then I see this video in my subscription box! LOL Love this video and your channel in general!💗 I hope u have a great day Hannah! God bless you!

Jazzy Fizzle says:

your so pretty

Anna Willemstein says:

I feel like I'm watching you and your channel develop so much lately. Then you say you've got a type of content that you're wanting to go towards I can't wait to go check out every girl channel and just so you know I think you are getting better and better and it's so cool to see you maturing and becoming the woman you were born to be❤️

Meredith Hoffman says:

hey my name is Meredith and o love your videos and you and I heard you know Zachary Perkins his girlfriend is my cousin so I kind of thought that was cool so yeah

Lov2dance13 says:

Hi! I'm the one you were talking to on Instagram 😄

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