Audio book “Money saving expert will never tell you this” Aivaras Pranarauskas

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1. What this audiobook is about
2. Three overspending mistakes
3. Does stuff give happiness?
4. Do we get what we buy?
5. Do we buy or give away money?
6. We are afraid of being last
7. Christmas tree effect
8. Experiment
9. I want a new car!
10. What do we really want?
11. Buying is a brave decision.
12. Jumping over a fence
13. Freedom to buy dreams

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“Aivaras / Money.


Sokly Vann says:

Now I feel like a piece of shit for the new car that I bought. Which isn't a bad thing. Needed to hear this years ago.

Lazette A. Wells says:

Blown away by this audiobook.

leocadio son says:

nice audiobook

leocadio son says:

nice audiobook

James Byrne says:

Very nice, reminds me of Vance pakards book, the hidden peesuaders.

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