Small Business Finance. 1- Turnover & Profit..

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Small Business Finance is a series of short “how to” videos explaining financial forecasting and reporting. The series is aimed at people starting or running small businesses – especially in the UK. It should also be useful for students studying GSCE Business Studies, and for Non-Financial Managers of larger businesses.

This first episode is about accounting for revenue and costs.


Helmut says:

2:23 "in this context they all mean the same thing".

So in a different context they are different things? Any example please?

S Sajid says:

extremely helpful. Thank you!

Quit Work Club says:

What a useful quote! All of the best in your future success

Will Smith says:

extremely helpful thankyou =)


thank you guys nobody could explain me this so easy

uss snooky says:

Thank you man, you are a STAR 🙂

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