Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers (English)

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This video contains information about top 10 interview questions and answers with examples and important points to remember. Hope this will help you in your interviews.


zainul abid says:

shalu very informative for starter englishers

Pratika Saxena says:

awesome mam
but if interviewer ask where do u see in urself in next 5 yrs then what we can say

vijitha raghu says:

Thank you so much madam this is very helpful

Shital Poddar says:

shalu pal I like your video and thank you so much 🤗

kummari ravivarma says:

super mam thank u

Suresh Babu says:

Very important stuff.

iftequar shaik says:

nice intreviews

Doddi Nagendra says:

Your really good shanu pal

Khushi Molla says:

thanks for give Your knowledge.

Rejean Amistoso says:


Ganga Unni says:

this video is very helpful for me.. because I don't know anything about the interviews. but now i hope that…I will atend my interviews in little confidence from here… thank you… (sorry for my all mistakes )

vikas kanchanapally says:

Really helped Shalu ji ..
I referred to most of my friends and it worked out in big time. Thank u for making this video thinking about job seekers to give the best in words. Heart full thanks from me and my friends.

Akash Malaviya says:

thank you Madam

Vijay Mhatre says:

visit for any jobs…..

nagababu. sidda. says:

thank you for great informaton. i hop its help to me

maha eltom says:

could they testy strength point durjng the interview?

Narayana B says:

good excellent

So San says:

I'm from Afghanistan but living in delhi.
I have an interview tomorrow and your video helped me dear
thank you sooooo much dear

Ram Kumar says:

very useful video. good job. thank u very much

motivation spiritual &hindi kavita says:

your voice are very sweet dear …I like it….

yashu hrd says:

thank you for giving to me information

Nafisa Jabeen says:

thanks mam for sharing very helpful vdeo..

Baby Elizabeth says:

than u so much

Santy Ranjith says:

Good video for all those who are preparing for job interviews. Just look at the content than her way of talking. The video is really helpful.

Princess Smith says:

very helpful!! I feel more confidence to attend an interview!

Shehnaz Kh says:

This for housekeeper interview?

Waqas nadeem says:

How can I save this vedio

Hafsa Hanif says:

sir plz sign in .in this

varun kumar says:

thanks you very much 😄👍

Tushar Lad says:

thank you so much mam..

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