Kids on Economics

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Elementary, middle and high school students talk about the importance of understanding economics and personal finance principles.


A in Finance says:

This is great hearing it from the kids. I think it's just so important just to talk to your kids about every day money issues so they have some grounded sense of how to spend, how to save, and just how to know what a dollar actually is worth. I'm trying to teach my kids about personal finance and money now, so any time there is something involving money (on the radio, at a store, etc.), we talk about it.

Bizzy Whiz says:

Very young children at the preschool and early elementary level love to talk about money, and want to learn how to make it. But they are quick to learn from other's reactions that it is a taboo subject for much of our society. It's great to see these older kids talking about the importance of economics education!

Council for Economic Education says:

What do kids really think about #economics? They know more than you think! Hear it for yourselves…

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