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This video is 28 minutes of information about words and phrases used by investors and traders in the stock market. There are many other words and phrases which you will learn as you study Wall Street or your own market in your country. I also have some comments about trading style and how it is important to develop your own way of trading and not just try to be like Warren Buffett or some other successful person.


Antonio Rivera says:

hey there, is there a book you recommend for us to read on Learning stock market investing and terminology?

Andrew Mena says:

Just found your channel and I love it!

Calum Mcloughlin says:

Fantastic thanks.

Carlos R says:

business books and stock investing books for beginners that you would recommend?

Mufasa Shabazz says:

Carl Sagan did stocks too?

CleeIII says:

Thank you. Great information. I'm trying everything to learn how to do this right.



John Hancock says:

Thanks a lot Tom. I will put this information to use.

Featureman says:

Capital gains are the profit you make if you sell a stock for more than you paid for it. Same thing with real estate. If you sell a house for more than you paid for it that is a capital gain. A dividend is paid on some stocks while you hold the stock. Every quarter a certain amount is paid to the stockholder. Thanks for watching.

Dru Santana says:

Fantastic advice I'm a new investor. I'm not sure what capital gains and dividends are

Featureman says:

Thank you very much.

Featureman says:

Both of those have good numbers. WCRX looks better than KRO. I do not understand the business of KRO, but it appears to be a good long term hold. WCRX has much better volume. I understand WCRX business better. Health care and pharmaceutical stocks often have new products which can be a surprise uptick for the price. Thanks. I would prefer PFE and MRK in the pharmaceuticals.

Featureman says:

A mutual fund can be a bond fund or a stock fund or both. An ETF is a form of mutual fund. I am happy with TD Ameritrade for my broker, but you would need to research all the requirements and fees to find the broker which is right for you. There are many brokerage firms and each has some pluses and minuses.

mouhamed232004 says:

I have a question why is it that when going through bonds list under type of bond it says mutual fund or etf? I thought these were suppose to categories separate from bonds? What is your recommendation online trading website?

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