Personal Finance: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, How & Why They Work, Visualize Bitcoin Need [ASMR]

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bby bok choy says:

ASMR and redpills together? 🙂 woooooooooo! The future is now.

Robert Ra says:

Great fear currently which can undo Cryptocurrencies is the age of Quantum computing.
It is now possible to order these and operate it at home.
Quantum computers are becoming more powerful each year, exponentially so.
Each year there is an exponential growth of qubits being offered.
Software APIs are offered to researchers and individuals where they can write their own algorithms and try it on a quantum cloud computer farm for free.
And I bet the likes of NSA and other US antagonists of the world are decades ahead, and have even more powerful machines at their disposal, In secret. Bsically they can control the financial world of crypto at their leisure.
I know it sounds like conspiracy theory or something, but I can't be that far off.

Gerry Glasso says:

Great video, Chycho! Along with comics, crypto is one of my current passions. Only wish I had been more knowledgeable about it seven years ago 🙂 Hope you're doing great. All the best, always.

iamlegend says:

i was watching a documentary today about silk road where bitcoin was used for selling drugs online. pretty smart idea cus it was all anonymous

Elk's Pride Pictures says:

Synchromysticism at work? This released earlier today…

Joshua Bauer says:

Hey chycho im currious what your thoughts about ICOs atm is? Great video as always!

The Relaxation Station says:

I've been getting back into Bitcoin mining and I am very glad you were able to post this so I could be more informed about what cryptocurrencies are.

TheHopelessBrit says:

Could you explain derivatives and how and why people trade them? Would be an interesting watch! 🙂 Thanks for the great and informative video! Keep up the good work!

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