5 WAYS I SAVE MONEY! My Personal Money Saving Strategies

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In this video I talk about 5 strategies that I personally use to save money for investing in the stock market.

Leave a comment below on the money saving strategies that work well for you!

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Raza Daza says:

Makes sense why I like you, you're from the ACT, I grew up there… anyway, living with people isn't easy, peace of mind living alone

Alex says:

saving for a deposit on a property from income is a better option than increasing super cause you get a new form of income (rent) and capital gain by retirement age is way more.

Skeeter says:

#6 Don't get involved with women and go MGTOW!

Stephen Quaggin says:

You can get egift cards for woolies and coles for 5% off through various sites out there – Google it. If you spend $200 a week on groceries at these stores anyway it will only cost you $190. That's a saving of $520 per year.

Len d says:

In regards to 1. Exclude wife not working looking after child 🙁
2. Not a 1000cc supersport (fuel wise is about the same as a small car & tyres changes ~6k)
… yes not much saving lately & I know bike needs to go 🙁

Great videos btw. wish I knew/learnt more about this when I was younger. So I think it's great your educating others (myself included). Thanks

Shelley Martin says:

Thanks for a great video again. What bank or bank accounts do you use for your high interest savings? I like the sound of the account you use. Could make for another video?

Raja Jani says:

it was great .. really very educative video, but please do remember made one video on how to find the future price of stock as well as present price of stock.. kind Regards

henry michal says:

great video Brandon. I have been paying extra into my super for years. Comes out every week, I don't even miss it. Your other strategies are very sound. Definitely, bring lunches from home, but here is one. If you smoke, then think about quitting. One of my work colleagues just discovered his smoke of choice is now $55 per packet. He smokes 1/2 pkt per day. Thats crazy. $10k per year up in smoke. Has he quit? No, he has gone to Pouch tobacco.

Mint Slice says:

Great video as always. Cheers for the reminder about Super. Should check up on what plan I'm on.

Abroadero Ako says:

Please discuss more about Superannuation. Thanks

Willow HD says:

Love the video's mate. What do you do for a living?

Adam Gill says:

Brandon Very good 🙂

PurpleAngel8261 says:

This is a great video, well thought ideas Brandon. One way of saving money i have done for years since i was very young was to collect bottles and cans. In Australia, Adelaide we get 10c for every bottle or can we recycle. I make an extra $150+ a year for doing basically nothing just setting them aside, a bit like saving haha.

Liberated Eagle says:

Hello Brandon, I'm 16 years old and have been saving about 70% of my money from my part time job. Just wondering whats the best way to get into investing, actually properly learn about the ASX.

I've learnt abit from the ASX stockmarket game and that really did help me understand it alot more. So book recommendations or even websites that would boost my knowledge would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Kenny Tam says:

I would suggest recording your spending first. You will notice how much you spend one each category. Then it is a lifestyle choice and you will know the price you really pay for each choice.

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