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I will be sharing my top 5 money saving tips for 2018! It is important to save money, especially if you are looking to invest. Successful investing requires regular contributions each month, and that comes from saving money in other areas of your life. These are 5 ways to save more money in 2018!


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京都アンソニー says:

Which costs the least, sams club, Amazon or Bjs?

Manoj Raut says:

Thank you for making such nice video

TheDiamoneMinor says:

Always nice to know

Marco R says:

What credit card provider would be the best? 🤔

Renegade says:

“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” – George Best

Stay True Vlog says:

This is awesome!!! I LOVE, LOVE saving money!! Awesome tips, most already do 👍 Need to work on #3. Thanks for sharing Ryan! ~Lena

01halee says:

I received all of my items in bulk by couponing and most of the time I paid 0 out of pocket! Awesome video keep making them❤❤❤❤

Ima RTJJV says:

Ryan can you please make more videos like this? How to save etc

Misled Youth says:

another way to save money in 2018 is to quit drinking…I saved over $5000 in 2017 from not drinking.

Great video. Keep up the great content

yoAlpha15 says:

Another great video, also do you think you'd maybe be interested in doing a video on marijuana stocks. Especially where I live in Canada they are a increasingly talked about topic and have had massive gains the past few months specifically. I'm interested in knowing if you believe this mostly speculation based or if the stocks values are justified and should keep increasing with recreational legalization coming in the future. I personally have shares of Aurora Cannabis that have gone up significantly (bought at 2.76$ Canadian ) and am wondering if you believe waiting to sell till after legalization is a good idea and how much so after.

K H-C says:

I don't generally buy toiletries and such in bulk, but I do buy most of them only on sale and keep a decent stockpile of them so we don't run out and have to pay full price. While sticker prices are quite high, if you learn to play your local chain drugstore's rewards program, you can get that kind of stuff at great discount. It can be overwhelming to figure it out at first, but there are lots of bloggers who do all the work of figuring out the deals and match-ups for you.

Charles Commander says:

The dry erase board is upon us. We are not worthy 👐🏾🙌🏾.

K Weis Investments says:

I would say pay yourself first put at least ten percent of your income into investments or savings before you even pay bills that way you are less likely to impulse buy.

-Investing and wealth building videos

Jack Strood says:

This is excellent and very real-world, thank you. Very realistic and do-able.
I've started taking the bus to work and only use the car for social trips, saves on fuel.

Remember the good old days of "Don't buy table service".

Roman Hashon says:

Bout to make that 100k sub video!!! Early congrats. You earned it!! Hears to the next 400k!

Hester boy94 says:

that is how banks make money so they can loan money

Ricardo Medina says:

Interest rate on credit cards in US is extremely low compared to my country (Dominican Republic) interest rates in all my credit cards and all credit cards I know are 60% anual. Here’s is scary to pay interest hahahaha

Roman Hashon says:

Ryan you still holding AMD? From when you were day trading? If so your getting close to breaking even and getting that $$$. Im holding some when it dropped $9-10. Happy with the last 2 days

Wilson Sierra says:

Make a budget every month
Don't buy new if you don't have too
To add to number 5, make your lunch at home. I see my coworkers spend at least $50 a week on lunch, that's half of what i put aside for groceries every week.

Omari Taylor says:

you luv giving us advise so here goes from me to you. Why not wear the shirts you advertise since you like repeating your tops so much and seeing you in your tops will lead to more purchase. Love your content wish more ppl were like you

Tyler Bott says:

If you want to go out to a restaurant for social Time it’s always a money saver to use coupons or online deals so you don’t pay full price

Manuel Duque says:

Great tips happy new year.

InflateMe81 says:

1) Put your credit card on automatic payment so that the full balance is taken out at the end of the bill cycle. This will stop impulse purchases but still benefit from points and what not.
2) Talk to your utility providers and see if you can get on a better plan.
3) Groupon for social outings
4) Shop around annually for auto insurance (hint hint: use an insurance broker)
5) Talk to your mortgage lender or broker to see if you can get a better rate, and put that savings towards your principal to shorten the term and save on interest.
5a) Switch to weekly payments instead of monthly. Same $$ at the end of the month but shaves time off your mortgage

BJJ Freak82 says:

Which Vanguard funds do you like in 2018?

Kelly Fleary says:

This is a great video Ryan , I am sharing

Fluffy Bunny says:

Cord cutters should think about an antenna and getting a OTA TiVo which has Amazon videos and all your other internet services, to join.
This is great for me on the antenna TV I like PBS shows and I use Amazon video. I’ve also watched YouTube.

RealLife Money says:

Credit card companies hate people like me for paying off the entire balance and taking the cash back haha. I'll be creating a video of budgeting for the new year, cause that last tip is very important as well. It doesn't matter how much you make, it matters how much you keep! Thanks Ryan!!

PisauceProductions says:

Ahh.. Finally a video that isn't Logan Paul.

Kathy volpe-schaffer says:

Ryan, I am cracking up laughing about your talk about coffee BC you r so right ! Coffee has such a huge mark up! When I traveled to California a few months ago I paid $5.00 for 1 cup of regular coffee @ restaurants & I wanted to faint!!! Coffee added an easy $10.00 to $15.00 to our bill each meal! Maybe we were really paying for the water too BC of the drought they were having in Ca. Too. Anyway you r so right!! Too funny ☕️💙☕️💙☕️

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