Financial Planning: A Guide to Personal Finance

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Financial Planning: A Guide to Personal Finance › About Money
A complete guide covering all aspects of financial planning including creating a budget, saving money, planning for college, retirement, taxes, insurance, and …
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Mar 31, 2015 – Carl Richards, certified financial planner and personal finance … to you will guide you on every financial planning decision moving forward, …
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A quick guide to money-management and tax-preparation programs. … If you choose to purchase any personal-finance software, search online for any … Even if you use a certified financial planner (CFP) or financial adviser, these experts …
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A guide to finding and picking a financial planner. … administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards about the specifics of personal finance.
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Get personal finance news and financial advice to learn about investing and ways to … Research and compare your state’s 529 plan college savings options.
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Austin Patten Bustos says:

This is all wrong, and so offensive. Broke people don't buy "stuff", they buy things that they need (rent, food, gas, etc.) And rich people don't buy assets, they're the ones that buy "stuff" and liabilities (cars, watches, overly fancy furniture, etc.) They buy it because they can afford it, while most poor people never even had the opportunity to live lavish like that. Your privledge is showing.

Kewho Min says:

Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.

Craig Hilton says:

If you are in the UK….2 words – Matched Betting. If you're looking to make your money work harder and you live in the UK, learning about this is an absolute 'must'. It won't make you a millionaire (but then again, not much does) but it will significantly increase your income each month. Check out for a completely free trial.

Anna PRUDENTE says:

Best explanation ever!

Scott W Johnson says:

so true, living day to day is ruining your life.

melanie guerrero says:

Thank you, Jay. Finally, something I can understand and can relate to.

MoneyGyaan says:

Wonderful share. I think people actually want to listen something clear and to the point like this only.


very clear and to the point
tnx alot

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