Freedom = Financial Literacy X Entrepreneurship

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Orrin Woodward, #1 NY Times Bestseller and Inc Magazine #20 Leadership Influencer reveals how entrepreneurs can live Financial Free. Serial Entrepreneur Cody Hofhine interviews Orrin and the lessons shared can help anyone on the journey to Financial Freedom.


Jerry Finin says:

Thank you for sharing this video!

Micah Kramer says:

no matter if you earn 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 figures….it doesn't matter. The green box is the key to take you where you want to be financially…:) #Getthegreenbox

Angel Lopez says:

Get the green box 🐲

Mouena A says:

appreciate U sharing this video.

nemo runks says:

I just got the financial fitness pack… I'm loving it … I may not be rich but I'm on my way to being  financially fit.. and I've already started applying the principles  in my everyday life

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