01 Financial Planning

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How often have we seen costs of living increase? Usually we are not prepared for such jumps in prices – Remember when the entire family had a meal in a few hundred rupees? Things are much more expensive now, our income does not match the speed of inflation. This lesson explores that fact and how to begin budgeting and optimising your expenses. Visit www.tradeacademy.in to view the full lesson.


Trade Academy says:

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Rajdeep mandrekar says:

Where can we find the course material such as excel sheets?

Manaoag Pangasinan says:

Great video

Nilesh Thakkar says:

This is what I was looking for! This is perfect channel which has a perfect content for individual to manage personal finance with honest review and options. The moment I saw the first episode, I couldn't control myself from watching next episodes.

Keep it up Trade Academy.. you are doing awesome!

Kristoff Gonzales says:

where can i download the spreadsheets. thanks!

Somen Majumder says:

Where can i find Exell sheets.

Senthil Ramesh says:

Why we are not considering our EMIs and interests for loans in expenditure? Most of my salary goes to EMI and interest.

shyam raj says:

Thanks. Very nice video

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