Personal Finance 101 – 5 Steps to Successful Budgeting

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A simple guide to budgeting.


Whats Your Financial Gameplan ? says:

Great video, I too vlog about personal finance!

George Kandathil says:

This tool is pretty cool too. It allows you to organize and analyze all of your assets and liabilities, providing a customized balance sheet . Check it out at:


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Kewho Min says:

Great video!

Ariana P says:

Way too complicated.

MM M says:

Good advice, but it doesn't have to be this complicated. The number one factor to becoming wealthy is your attitude. Finding an accountability partner and putting together a plan are the next most important factors. Everyone needs a mentor!

Jimmy Robinson says:

Aims and Objectives please… The musac is a distraction says:

I would recommend The Financial Hero of New Era from Paul Mica. Inspiring book about complex personal finance and great lie of today's money.

Kimm Oilar says:

Great budgeting tutorial.

Dillon Callaway says:

This complicates things. It's quite simple actually. The pie method will get you on the right track instantly! Simply divide your income into three categories, miscellaneous expenses, short & long term savings. 30% goes to misc expenses (whatever you want to spend it on), 60% to short term savings (living expenses/BILLS ONLY) & 10% to long term savings (permanent savings! You never spend this money! You just watch it grow forever until you plan on an important buy like a new house or car. If you follow this system it WILL work for you.

arnies1730mom says:

I teach English to Adult refugees who have minimal English and this video has been invaluable as a teaching tool. 

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