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The stock market crashed! What do we do?!

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Jarrod chopping says:

I bought telstra boi!

David Alexander says:

Hey Brandon you look like my Local pizza man haha lmao

henry michal says:

I was also very excited. Had I not been working I would have been in front of my PC buying. Great video Brandon. Here is a history lesson for you. I was only into my 2nd or 3rd year of stock market investing when we had the big crash. . Good stocks like Boral recoverd within 12 months of this, so as you said, long term there is not a lot to worry about.

Es Cal says:

Thanks Brandon. I bought my first ever shares in this great dip! Great to see you so enthusiastic, to share your opinion and to educate us.

hfanti says:

I HEDL. And bought some JRV, CAN, RFX, ANZ and BLD while at it. Doing good so far.

Adam Gill says:

not a crash just a correction. Calm Down

mark williams says:

USA market has a fear of rising interest and bond rates which panicked investors into taking profits when they heard interest rates might be going up and it spiraled when the herd followed IMO. Had it too good for too long in the USA, economy is ok but with some debt, wages are up but everyone keeps talking the big collapse is around the corner so when you get a bit of choppy waters the punters head for the lifeboats.
We also have reporting season on here and a few companies will be heading south so its a good time to be looking at getting a bargain and not be fully invested, the smart fund managers always have some cash for security and for buying opportunities at this time. As Jamie O said down below watch any bond proxy related stocks and companies that are carrying a lot of debt….remember when bonds are up, stocks will be down..
I think Resources is the place to be, RIO, OZL, GXY, MIN are a few I am watching or looking to top up…

Rhys G says:

Nice hat 🧢

Life says:

This normal basically USA economy is very very strong. The federal reserve is got to increase rates in a attempt to slow inflation. Usually when inflation is too high reserve will increase rapidly to slow it down this is the concern for investors. If reserve increases too fast may stall the economy to a real crash.

John Mayne says:

Bought into RSG when they bottomed out, and also MFG when they did too. MFG shot up the next day, plus tomorrow is their ex-dividend date. Also bought some GXY and TPG. I’m just glad I sold some ANZ last Friday and had some dosh to play with. That kept my mind off all the paper losses, but I’m a long-termer too so the ‘correction’ was a blessing of sorts.

Paul rando says:

Would love to see a video about what uni students/young people should do with their finances and the stock market (from a personal finance/saving and stock market investing perspective) and what how you’ve gone through your younger years

Jamie O says:

The recent sell off could be warning tremors before the impending 'Bondcano'. We're overdue. The media don't report on rising bond yields because, well, the bond market is boring and doesn't interest the everyday investor. The bond market is largely driven by big financial institutions. A rise in global interest rates is all that is needed to light the fuse. This doesn't mean panic sell. I'd just be wary of investing in bond sensitive stocks at the moment.

Doug M says:

With you, Brandon. Definitely a great buying opportunity. It was all caused by good economic news coming out of the States, ironically. Because of increased wage rates it is perceived that interest rate hikes will follow in the US. This drop didn't phase me in the slightest. Fundamentals are generally good apart from debt levels. It was an inevitable correction and those who didn't pick up a bargain are now probably kicking themselves. Bottom line. You have to accept some short term pain if you are an investor. But use it to your advantage. I didn't buy much, just a small holding in NMT a lithium miner and RFX which have both gone into immediate profit.

BLK LZT says:

Yep, I got on GXY @$2.88… was licking my lips

Usman Ghani says:

I have panic sold a lot of my stocks. I regretted the decision immediately as the stocks bounced back the very next day. I realised losses but I have learnt a great deal about the financial markets during this correction. I hope I don't make such irrational decisions again. However, I still believe that the correction is not over yet. It will definitely take some time before there is calm in the market.

Financial Investor says:

Blame the US 🙂 lol. Biggest DOW loss because of where we are. It started off with fund managers – then triggers from robots sold off due to % loss – then panic spread and caused more sell off but wed it's 50|50 might go up or down rest of week

The Exceptions says:

Thanks for the tips! What do you look to buy when corrections happens. Undervalued big companies?

CiCi Shi says:

I bought SAS at $0.15 two days ago.

Liam Blinco says:

Haha I was waiting for this.

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