Interview between personal finance writer Matt Bell of and VP of Engineering David Michaels. Michaels is the chief architect of Mint’s security. The popular online personal budget tool is used by nearly 6 [More]
Sometimes you discover something that’s been out there for years and you want to smack yourself in the head for not tuning in to it sooner. That’s how I feel when it comes to YNAB. [More] Finance calculator is a project that will help you to calculate your finances very easily.To be published early September 2013. Calculate your expenses against your income and chart the difference. This is a userform [More]
This video is the first in a series of four. Each few days an upload will walk you through to the finished product. This is a real training opportunity aimed at new Excel users and [More]
This video is a look at how to set up a cash flow statement for your personal budget in Microsoft Excel. These are very useful for keeping track of your daily finances and knowing how [More]
In this learn quickbooks training tutorial, you will learn how to set up a home budget. The budget feature is easy to use and you will learn all about quickbooks budget in this video. This [More]
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Monthly Budget Page – Personal Finance Project part 2 This video examines how much people spend on food and dining, based on aggregated, anonymous data from Mint users. With Mint personal finance software, you can track your monthly spending by easily organizing your [More]