personal finance course, personal finance overview, basics, and best practices. looking for a guide to the basics of money management and savings? look no further! this course helps you understand the basic principles of money [More]
finance course, financial overview, basics, and best practices. at its core, finance is about deciding what to buy, getting the money, you need to buy it, and efficiently managing your resources after making the purchase. [More]
Join the President of Family Credit Management and Professor of Finance at Morton College, Michael McAuliffe, as he teaches section three of Personal Finance Made Easy. This course was designed by FCM to provide consumers [More]
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CFP has changed my LIFE Ms. Rikita Shah, Young CFP Practitioner, working with Plan Ahead Wealth, Mumbai shared her success story with us. Benefits of CFP certification with Mr. Keyur Shah 1 CFP has changed [More]
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A study of personal finance topics from the consumer and societal perspectives. Topics include the preparation and interpretation of personal financial statements and budgets, the time value of money, personal saving, financial market and investment [More]
Personal Finance is a course that will allow students to better manage and plan their own financial affairs in the present and in the future. It covers key topics in relation to personal financial planning [More]