Making Goals and Starting a Budget
This video covers both circular flow economics and personal finance issues facing citizens in the Twenty-First Century.
Experimental Design to Understand the Student Loan Decision: A Methodological Note by Soo Hyun Cho, Travis P. Mountain, Nilton Porto, D. Elizabeth Kiss, Michael S. Gutter, and Tim Griesdorn. 45(1) September, 65-76.
Discussing the emergency fund and debt snowball
Financial Markets (2011) (ECON 252) Deviating from an absolute belief in the principle of rationality, Professor Shiller elaborates on human failings and foibles. Acknowledging impulses to exploit these weaknesses, he emphasizes the role of factors [More]
Fall 2015 Economics Project. I Love Personal Finance video starring Abe Quevedo, Mike Rolfe, & Desmond Mack. Credit to the original artist & song, Asher Roth – I Love College. Save your money, don’t spend [More]
This video is for Economics Link to guided notes:
This video is for Economics Link to guided notes:
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