personal finance course, personal finance overview, basics, and best practices. looking for a guide to the basics of money management and savings? look no further! this course helps you understand the basic principles of money [More]
finance course, financial overview, basics, and best practices. at its core, finance is about deciding what to buy, getting the money, you need to buy it, and efficiently managing your resources after making the purchase. [More]
In this video I explain what is Insurance, the general principles, and types of Life, Fire and Marine insurance
This lesson is based off Chapter 26 of the text for Finance 418. Professor Bryan Sudweeks of Brigham Young University teaches this lesson. Teaching Tool 6, mentioned in the video, along with all other lesson [More]
Sign ip: Setting your budget is simple Demystify financial reports, set financial goals, create a rockin’ selling price. We’ll review the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss, and how to make more money! Profit? [More]
An overview of the basics of personal financial management preliminary to a more detailed coverage of the subjects.
Construct-Ed Show has a Personal Budgeting tip for you… Do you struggle with managing your personal finances? Budgeting is a crucial skill to managing your money, and helping you pay off debt and take care [More]
Jane Rooney, Director of Financial Literacy and Consumer Education at the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), speaks at the 2012 Financial Education in the Workplace Roundtable about teaching employees the basics of money management.
Laurie Campbell, CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions, speaks at the 2012 Financial Education in the Workplace Roundtable about the importance of budgeting and money management skills in employee financial education.